Technical yarn

As reinforcing materials, our technical yarns influence different functions of the final product. Those functions include size modifications under operational conditions, bursting strength as well as tensile strength and elasticity in longitudinal direction.


Technical fabrics

Our fabric production comprises the entire textile value chain, ranging from twisting over weaving to fitting. That is how we are able to offer customized solutions.



The value-added process at MEP starts with the receiving of raw materials, such as chemicals and fibers. Then we proceed with various textile processing steps, depending on the requirements.



Technical service is an integral part of the MEP product portfolio. Every one of our products is manufactured according to customer specifications and especially adjusted to the requirements of the final application.



Our product portfolio originates from our own research and development as well as from close collaboration with our customers, suppliers and development centers. Our worldwide locations are certified according to latest market and quality requirements of ISO 9001 and TS 16949. In addition, we take care of our environment: all production plants are certified by ISO 14001 and our german production plants are already certified by DIN EN ISO 50001.

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