Our Commitment

Our commitment towards people and the environment

For MEHLER’s leadership, a responsible corporate management does not only include striving for economic success. The key to success lies far beyond that. For us, continues growth and economic progress are directly linked to a social and ecological responsiblity in accordance with our core values: commitment, reliability, integrity, compliance and transparency.

We do not tolerate any form of corruption and bribery and we comply with the legal anti-corruption laws and regulations. All our managers, executives and employees worldwide are commited to these principles. Our claim to conduct our business ethically and legally is inextricably tied to the way we behave in our daily work.

“Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality.”

Abraham Lincoln

Social Responsibility

The health and safety of our employees are just as important to us as product and process quality. Avoiding work accidents, almost accidents and environmental incidents are integral parts of our management system. We respect the fundamental rights of our employees, regardless of race, skin color, gender, religion and sexual orientation. We follow the ILO Convention 138 and strictly refuse child labor in all our locations. We promote intensive teamwork and create a climate for creativity and innovation. Well-founded information and training courses continuously qualify and motivate our employees.

Social commitment towards people in need is another important part of MEHLER’s corporate culture. We highly value the efforts of socially engaged, non-profitable organisations and support them regularly. With our donations, we are happy to make a small contribution to the following organisations:

Aktion Mensch

We support the valuable work of the social organization ‘Aktion Mensch’ in Germany. The organization realizes thousands of social projects every year. The focus of ‘Aktion Mensch’ is their commitment to improve the living conditions and achieve inclusion of children and people with and without disabilities.


MEHLER is happy to support children, young people and people with disabilities. LeQua (Lebensqualität e.V.) is a public charity located close to our German production plant in Hessisch Lichtenau. Their dedication is to help people with disabilities in everyday life. LeQua is strongly involved to reduce social deficits. In recent months of the Corona pandemic, the charity has shown great commitment to people and families in difficult life situations.


A responsible treatment of the environment and its natural resources is a basic requirement in our entire supply chain. We pay high attention to the sustainable use of our planet’s natural resources and thus to a future worth living for us and for coming generations. We are committed to protect the environment, including preventing environmental polution, complying with all relevant laws, standards and regulations that apply at the locations and continuously improving the management systems and associated services.
For the manufacture of our products, we strive for safe, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient solutions. That is why we align our measures for environmental protection and energy management to the latest state of the art. We keep our CO² emissions on the lowest possible level and steadily increase our share of renewable enegery in all our plants.
Take a look at our sustainability activities:

CSR-rating by Ecovadis

The entire MEHLER group has been awarded by EcoVadis, the rating agency for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). MEHLER received the Gold Medal and ranks among the top 5 % of the best rated companies worldwide. The EcoVadis Rating covers a wide range of sustainability management systems, including themes such as environment, labor & human rights and ethics.
In 2021, MEHLER’s Portuguese production facility for engineered fabrics has already obtained the Gold Medal for the third year in a row.

ISO 14001 Certificate MEHLER

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management

MEHLER is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001:2015. The norm is an internationally recognized standard for sustainable environmental management systems. We implemented environmentally friendly behavior in all our processes and measure, identify, manage, monitor and control any potential environmental issues in the entire production chain of our technical textiles.

Click here for downloading our ISO 14001 certification:  Downloads

RF-free treatment solution

Our experts developed a sustainable, RF-free and CO2-neutral treatment for Mechanical Rubber Goods (MRG) reinforced by technical textiles.
The innovative treatment solution MEHLER  SUSTAIN ADHESIVE – MSA consists of natural components and contributes to a responsible treatment of the environment, people and our future.
Learn more about it by taking a look at our video.