Global Presence / 全球分布

MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS is always close by as we are the only independent converter with a global presence. At our six production locations on three continents, we manufacture, sell, and distribute high-quality, field-proven textile reinforcements for various applications.
米勒集团以其在全球产业纺织品领域的影响力而著称。凭借三大洲六个分公司的全球生产 网络,我们可以迅速且可靠地为客户提供工业纱线和织物。



SQDIP is a tool that the MEP Group uses worldwide. Employees from logistics, laboratory, twisting, weaving, and treating (both yarn and fabric) take part in the meetings.
利用SQDIP 或+ QDIP,我们运营体系内的不同流程每天都要接受检查以及评估以观测和 纠正差异


Quality / 质量

Our comprehensive worldwide quality and environmental management system is regularly evaluated by external certification organizations.


Organization / 组织结构

Mehler AG is in turn a part of KAP Beteiligungs AG, and The Carlyle Group is KAP Beteiligungs AG’s majority shareholder.
米勒AG 是KAP Beteiligungs AG 的一部分,凯雷集团是KAP Beteiligungs AG 的大股东。


R&D / 研发

Research and development is a central focus in maintaining MEP’s long-term growth. We have a centralized R&D team for technical yarns and fabrics located in Fulda, Germany.
研发是米勒保持长期增长的核心因素。我们在德国富尔达拥有一支以工业纱线和织物为核 心的研发团队。


History / 历史

The philosophy of the MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS Group is characterised by long traditions and extensive experience in dealing with textiles.


The Cord Evolution / 线绳进化

“The Cord Evolution" is our answer to current and future customer requirements.



The MEP Group has made a global name for itself as a specialist in the development and manufacture of coated yarns and fabrics for technical rubber products. At six locations worldwide, we produce a variety of highly specialized products for a wide range of industries. Wherever rubber is processed into rubber items, the products created by MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS give the necessary strength to end-use applications. Our extensive product offering is the result of our own intensive research and development combined with several collaborative projects with our customers and suppliers. Our R&D team and application engineers are the link between the chemical, fiber, and rubber industries.

米勒集团作为一家开发和生产工业橡胶制品涂层纱线和织物的专业公司而享誉全球。我们 在全球拥有六个分厂,为众多行业生产各种类型的高度专业化产品。无论橡胶在何处被加 工成橡胶制品,米勒工程线绳集团创造的产品都能为其最终应用赋予必要的强度。通过与 客户和供应商的几个合作项目的深入研发,我们能够提供丰富的产品系列。我们的研发团 队和应用工程师构成了化学、纤维和橡胶产业的纽带。

Mehler began in the 1930s in Fulda with the manufacture of textile reinforcements for the rubber industry. MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS (MEP) is a part of KAP Beteiligungs-AG, with The Carlyle Group as the latter’s main shareholder. MEP employs roughly 650 people and encompasses more than 175 years of experience in the manufacture of high-quality technical textiles. The MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS Group provides an unparalleled global lineup in the area of technical textiles. We work closely with our customers to find innovative ways to enter growth markets and today are represented by six production sites on three continents. Our headquarters is located in Germany and is the base for such central services as finance and R&D as well as process development and efficient fabric and yarn production facilities. We also have locations in the USA, the Czech Republic, India, and China.

米勒于20 世纪30 年代在富尔达以生产橡胶产业加固织物起步。米勒工程线绳集团(MEP) 是KAP Beteiligungs-AG 的一部分,而凯雷集团是KAP 的主要股东。米勒雇员约650 名, 并具有超过175 年高质量工业织物的生产经验。米勒工程线绳集团在产业纺织品领域提供 无与伦比的全球阵容。我们与客户密切合作,寻找进入成长型市场的创新方法,目前在三 大洲拥有六个生产基地。我们的总部位于德国,提供财务、研发、工艺开发、高效织物和 纱线生产设施等中心服务。我们在美国、捷克共和国、印度和中国也设有分厂。


In a rapidly changing world, MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS is becoming the leading competitive partner for innovative textile solutions.

在日新月异的市场环境中,米勒工程线绳集团致力于提供线绳的创新解决方案,成为最得 力的合作伙伴。




Our task is to be a reliable, agile, and competitive supplier for our customers. With a worldwide sales structure, our own product development, and an operational presence in select markets, we are helping to promote a healthier, safer, and more environmentally friendly future.

我们是可靠、敏捷、有竞争力的供应商,可在全球范围内的选定市场中为客户提供销售、 产品开发与运营支持,协助客户构建更加健康、安全和环保的未来。


  • Customer satisfaction
  • Innovation
  • Continuous improvement
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability for health, safety, and the environment
  • Profitable growth

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