Sports and Recreation


With the right equipment, sporting activities are far more enjoyable.  MEP Products provide the essential performance needed in this area. Our textile reinforcements in bicycle tires and belts help prevent breakdowns and allow for optimal power transfer at a low weight.


Puncture Protection / 防穿刺

provide protective layers for tires used in sports/leisure/farm machine applications.  These layers minimize the risk of unplanned downtimes without compromising the required performance.


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Rubber Chains

compared to tires have particular benefits on soft grounds, unpaved roads and snow. The main advantage of textile-reinforced vehicle chains is its significantly larger footprint on the surface which helps provide better traction.

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Tires / 轮胎

Textile reinforcements in tires such as single end yarns or cord fabrics in combination with the rubber compound guarantee the high performance and safety which is expected by the driver.


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