Special applications

In addition to the typical applications in rubber products, technical textiles are also used in niche markets. An example would be as a cleaning yarn in the production of medical products.

除了橡胶产品的典型应用以外,小众市场也会使用产业纺织品。例如,在医疗产品生产过 程中使用的清洁纱线。

Cleaning Yarns / 清洁纱线

are single end yarns which are used for deburring, cleaning and polishing of small drilled holes and cannulas.


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Force and Conveyor Belts / 传力带和传送带

Force belts other than single V-belts offer safety against rotation caused by external forces. This is achieved by the combination of several individual V-belts with a cover plate. The textile reinforcement ensures the function in a wide range of applications.


获取信息 Force and Conveyor Belts / 传力带和传送带

Hoses / 软管

are used in various industrial products. Different media require specific characteristics of the technical textile such as tensile strength, elongation and adhesion.


获取信息 Hoses / 软管

Membranes / 薄膜

are separating layers that influence the media transport in different ways between rooms. Embedded textiles support the matrix by absorbing stress and forces and divert them to border areas.


获取信息 Membranes / 薄膜

Protective Equipment / 防护设备

Protective equipment protects the user from harmful influences such as temperature, forces, or chemicals. Fiber materials are used here to replace metallic materials due to its lighter weight.


获取信息 Protective Equipment / 防护设备

Puncture Protection / 防穿刺

provide protective layers for tires used in sports/leisure/farm machine applications.  These layers minimize the risk of unplanned downtimes without compromising the required performance.


获取信息 Puncture Protection / 防穿刺
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