Industry applications

Various rubber products are used in the industry, such as hoses, belts and tires. The reinforcing material in these products provides a significant contribution to the performance of industrial manufacturing machines.

工业中使用各种各样的橡胶产品,如胶管、皮带和轮胎,其中的加固材料在工业制造机器 性能中发挥了重要的作用。

Belts / 皮带

V-belts and timing belts are used to transmit power between parts. The textile reinforcement in combination with the compound significantly influences vital functions such as elongation and lifespan.


获取信息 Belts / 皮带

Cables / 电缆

are used to transfer energy or information. Textile reinforcements in the cable cover absorb forces and simplify the installation process.


获取信息 Cables / 电缆

Floor Mats / 地毯

made of rubber textile composites prevent injuries in floor areas and provide a long lifespan of a safe environment  with low maintenance.


获取信息 Floor Mats / 地毯

Hoses / 软管

are used in various industrial products. Different media require specific characteristics of the technical textile such as tensile strength, elongation and adhesion.


获取信息 Hoses / 软管

Profiles + Seals / 密封条+密封件

are used as protection, sealing, or guiding rails. The embedded textile reinforcement significantly affects the tension transfer in the longitudinal direction and is therefore responsible for the dimensional stability.


获取信息 Profiles + Seals / 密封条+密封件

Puncture Protection / 防穿刺

provide protective layers for tires used in sports/leisure/farm machine applications.  These layers minimize the risk of unplanned downtimes without compromising the required performance.


获取信息 Puncture Protection / 防穿刺

Tires / 轮胎

Textile reinforcements in tires such as single end yarns or cord fabrics in combination with the rubber compound guarantee the high performance and safety which is expected by the driver.

获取信息 Tires / 轮胎

Force and Conveyor Belts / 传力带和传送带

Force belts other than single V-belts offer safety against rotation caused by external forces. This is achieved by the combination of several individual V-belts with a cover plate. The textile reinforcement ensures the function in a wide range of applications.


获取信息 Force and Conveyor Belts / 传力带和传送带
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