It represents an application area with exceptionally high requirements of each individual component. Plane tires have to provide 100% reliability, especially during the take-off and landing. High End products from MEP provide the confidence needed for this market.


Cables / 电缆

are used to transfer energy or information. Textile reinforcements in the cable cover absorb forces and simplify the installation process.


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Hoses / 软管

are used in various industrial products. Different media require specific characteristics of the technical textile such as tensile strength, elongation and adhesion.


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Profiles + Seals / 密封条+密封件

are used as protection, sealing, or guiding rails. The embedded textile reinforcement significantly affects the tension transfer in the longitudinal direction and is therefore responsible for the dimensional stability.


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Tires / 轮胎

Textile reinforcements in tires such as single end yarns or cord fabrics in combination with the rubber compound guarantee the high performance and safety which is expected by the driver.


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