Global market leaders use our technical yarns and cord fabrics for the construction of tires. Our product increases the endurance, fatigue resistance, and overall safety of the tire. Other applications of our products in this market segment include hoses, belts, and air springs.


Air Springs / 空气弹簧

improve comfort and safety in road and rail transportation. The bags of an air spring have to fulfill demanding requirements such as minimal wall thickness and maximum stability. Yarns and fabrics of MEP in combination with the rubber matrix achieve the optimum characteristics.


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Belts / 皮带

V-belts and timing belts are used to transmit power between parts. The textile reinforcement in combination with the compound significantly influences vital functions such as elongation and lifespan.


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Hoses / 软管

are used in various industrial products. Different media require specific characteristics of the technical textile such as tensile strength, elongation and adhesion.


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Profiles + Seals / 密封条+密封件

are used as protection, sealing, or guiding rails. The embedded textile reinforcement significantly affects the tension transfer in the longitudinal direction and is therefore responsible for the dimensional stability.


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Rubber Couplings / 橡胶联轴器

are coupling elements made of rubber compounds with embedded metal bushings and a technical textile which compensates for misalignment in axles and torque shocks.


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Tires / 轮胎

Textile reinforcements in tires such as single end yarns or cord fabrics in combination with the rubber compound guarantee the high performance and safety which is expected by the driver.


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