Agriculture and Geotechnology


Diverse products with mostly invisible reinforcements of MEP are used in the area of agriculture and landscaping. New ideas create the framework for our products in the construction of roads, houses, landfills, and dams.


Floor Mats / 地毯

made of rubber textile composites prevent injuries in floor areas and provide a long lifespan of a safe environment  with low maintenance. 采用橡胶织物复合制成,使用寿命长、维护要求低,可防止在地面区域发生伤害事故,从而提供一个安全的环境。

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Profiles + Seals / 密封条+密封件

are used as protection, sealing, or guiding rails. The embedded textile reinforcement significantly affects the tension transfer in the longitudinal direction and is therefore responsible for the dimensional stability.


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Tires / 轮胎

Textile reinforcements in tires such as single end yarns or cord fabrics in combination with the rubber compound guarantee the high performance and safety which is expected by the driver.


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