Technical yarn / 工业纱线

As reinforcing materials, our technical yarns influence different functions of the final product. Those functions include size modifications under operational conditions, bursting strength as well as tensile strength and elasticity in longitudinal direction.



Technical fabrics / 产业织物

Our fabric production comprises the entire textile value chain, ranging from twisting over weaving to fitting. That is how we are able to offer customized solutions.

我们的织物生产涵盖了加捻、编织到浸胶的整个纺织价值链,因而我们能够提供定制化解 决方案。


Technologies / 技术

The value-added process at MEP starts with the receiving of raw materials, such as chemicals and fibers. Then we proceed with various textile processing steps, depending on the requirements.

米勒的增值过程从接收化学品和纤维等原材料开始。然后根据需要,我们以不同的纺织品 加工步骤进行加工。


Service / 服务

Technical service is an integral part of the MEP product portfolio. Every one of our products is manufactured according to customer specifications and especially adjusted to the requirements of the final application.

技术服务是米勒产品系列的一个组成部分。我们的每一种产品都是根据客户规格生产的, 并且根据最终应用要求进行特殊调整。



The MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS portfolio is constantly expanding through diligent research and development as well as close cooperation with our customers, suppliers and institutes. Our scientists and application technicians are the critical link between the chemical, fiber, and rubber processing industries. The spectrum of our products comprise almost all conceivable technical applications: Coated fabrics and yarn for various rubber products, geotextiles, fiber-based roving, textile reinforcements for personal and property protection as well as short cut fibers for a number of filler applications. We continue to further develop our product portfolio with the use of new and innovative materials, such as carbon, composite, vectran, wire, bio-polymer, and glass. We continue to create hybrid developments to satisfy increasingly complex customer requirements. We use a certified quality management system for constant monitoring and improvement of our performance. It ensures standardized high-quality standards from the raw materials to the final product.

通过辛勤的研发、与客户、供应商及研究所的紧密合作,米勒工程线绳集团的产品系列正 在不断地拓展。我们的科学家与应用技术员是化学、纤维和橡胶加工行业之间的关键环节。 我们的产品范围几乎包含了所有可想到的技术应用:各种橡胶制品的涂层面料和纱线、土 工织物、纤维粗纱、用于个人和财物保护的加固织物,以及许多填充物的短切纤维。通过 使用碳、复合材料、维克特纶、电线、生物聚合物和玻璃等新型和创新材料,我们继续进 一步扩展产品系列。我们继续创建混合开发,以满足日益复杂的客户需求。我们使用经认 证的质量管理系统来持续监控和提高绩效。这样确保了从原材料到最终产品的规范化高质 量标准。

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