Stretch fabrics – full in-house production in 2nd half 2021

Posted: March 5, 2021

Mehler recently acquired PIN texturizing machines for its Portuguese fabric plant.
Texturized yarns produced with the proven system of PIN magnetic spindles are utilized in applications that require the highest level of strength and elasticity.

The acquisition finalizes Mehler’s machinery investment in becoming completely vertical for high-elongation fabric manufacturing.
It enables the full production of stretch fabrics in-house – from texturizing through twisting, warping, weaving, tumbling, treating until final inspection and lab testing.
Stretch fabrics are customized woven fabrics with high elongation in weft direction (optional: also in warp direction) that are applied in timing belts and industrial hoses.

The vertical integration strengthens Mehler’s independence and provides complete transparency and flexibility in production.
Mehler’s customers profit from additional flexibility in terms of technical customization and even faster response times in development and service.

The first high-elongation stretch fabric rolls of full in-house manufacturing will already roll off the production lines by the second half of 2021.