Press Release: MSA – Mehler Sustain Adhesive

Posted: April 29, 2021

MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS GMBH launches its latest innovation – the sustainable treatment solution: MSA – MehlerSustainAdhesive

Fulda, April 29th, 2021 – The German-based company MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS  GMBH, a leading producer of technical textiles for more than 180 years, releases an innovative treatment solution as an alternative to established RFL (Resorcinol Formaldehyde Latex) treatments.


Elisabete Silva, Head of Innovation located in MEHLER’s Portuguese production plant, states: “Over the last months, we intensively researched on a sustainable treatment as an alternative to traditional RFL treatments. Finally, we are proud to see our efforts were worth it. Our MSA treatment consists of natural components – and it is an ideal replacement of conventional treatments without affecting the production processes of our customers. Also, the properties of the final end products remain the same. On top of that, MSA is a perfect solution for all Mechanical Rubber Goods (MRG) – both automotive and industrial applications.


Christian Meunier, CEO, adds: “MSA is our answer to the increased requirements and restrictions on the market to replace the chemicals Formaldehyde and Resorcinol which are included in RFL treatments that were established on the market over decades. We have found an excellent alternative with our MSA treatment. With this innovation, MEHLER is making a great contribution to a more sustainable future. Thanks to the decreased consumption of sensitive chemicals, we reduce our environmental footprint significantly and we are further strengthening our social responsibility at the same time.”

MEHLER still offers conventional RFL treatments but maintains an intense focus on green initiatives like the MSA solution. MSA is applicable for both engineered yarns and fabrics.

For more details on MSA, take a look at the product video: