Hose Manufacturers Conference 2017

Erstellt am: 26. Sep 2017

We are pleased to present you the abstract from our speech at Hose Manufacture Conference 2017 in Akron, OH:

Innovative dip formulations for easy processing of single-end cord reinforcements during hose manufacturing

Technical Textile reinforcements are an integral part of the Rubber Hoses for diverse applications. During the hose manufacturing process, either the reinforcements are used in the form of Resorcinol-Formaldehyde-Latex (RFL) dipped cord fabrics or RFL dipped single-end cords (SEC), which can further be processed as Braided or Knitted Textiles. On one-hand both Resorcinol and Formaldehyde are under scanner by regulatory authorities in North America and Europe, whereas on the other hand the brittle RFL films formed on the surface of SEC results in dust build-up and loss of cord-rubber adhesion during the braiding and/or knitting process of hose manufacturing. At MEP we have developed environmentally-friendly RF-free dip formulations with lower stiffness and force of friction resulting in lower dust build-up. These formulations were tested and confirmed for good static adhesion with PET, PA66, PVA, p-Aramid and m-Aramid in combination with EPDM, CR, ACM, AEM and CSM compounds.