Farewell after 27 years at MEHLER

Posted: June 16, 2023

Almost 27 years at MEHLER – an experienced textile veteran is retiring.

Aventino Teixeira started to work in the Portuguese facility in Landim on July 01st, 1996.
After 6 months only, he took over the leadership of the fabric finishing lines which he led with much passion and dedication over almost three decades now.

In recent months, Aventino has intensively trained his successors Catarina Lamas and Marco Silva and passed on his in-depth knowledge, so that they are now well prepared to assume his responsibilities.

We now have to say: Goodbye Aventino, and many thanks for your extraordinary efforts and your always great collaboration!
Enjoy your well-deserved retirement!

Aventino is now looking forward to his retirement and to spend more time with his family, riding the bike, taking care about his garden and travelling.