Technical service is an integral part of the MEP product portfolio. Every one of our products is manufactured according to customer specifications and especially adjusted to the requirements of the final application.

Our services are divided into two main areas:

  • Application Technology
  • Research & Development
    • Fabric Innovation
    • Coating Systems
    • Raw Materials
    • Test Capacities

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Application Engineering

The point is to advise our customers on the use of our products when the products are already being used in series.

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Development Partner

In addition to application technology we also offer services in the field of product development.

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The trial capacities on a small scale are located both for the thread and the tissue division at Fulda.

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 Application Technology

Our application technology services consist of supporting our customers when it comes to the serial use of our products. To this end, we regularly visit the production sites with our customer-focused teams to provide support for the processing of our products. Application Technology along with the Sales Team is the connection between our production locations and the customer. Furthermore, the Application Technology Team supports our customers in the implementation of the requirements profiles of new products, such as power transmission belts, hoses, tires or air springs in specifications for reinforcing textiles. We also provide adjusted reinforcing materials as single yarns or fabric in small quantities during the development and adjustment stage. Our employees have extensive knowledge regarding the individual application scopes of our products. They support our customers with expert know-how and long-term experience.

Development partners

In addition to application technology, we also offer services for product development. They are either combined with a business scenario or offered directly as a service. Moreover, MEP-internal projects are processed here and then actively introduced to the customer.

Examples are our fabric innovations:

  • Diagonal fabric (spider cord)
  • Tape fabric
  • Stranded wire fabric (elephant cord)

Innovative coating systems:

  • Coatings without formaldehyde (shark cord)
  • Coatings without formaldehyde and resorcinol (shark cord)
  • As well as coating systems which do not use the RFL technology
  • Coefficient of friction optimized coating

New raw materials are also inspected for their suitability:

  • Bio-based fibers
  • New high-performance fibers
  • Alternative chemical systems as adhesion agent
  • New kinds of coating for textile gear beyond adhesion

Projects within the MEP group are controlled via a Stage-Gate® process. We have production units in the trial scale to be able to test new product variants as early as possible.

Trial capacities

The trial capacities in small scale are located in Fulda for yarn as well as fabric divisions. When it comes to yarn gear, MEP has trial capacities for water as well as solvent-based coatings and in fabric production, several independently modified weaving machines for quick development of samples for our customers close to serial production. We therefore offer fast and cost-efficient sample productions for our customers and development partners.

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