includes the automotive industry, aviation/aerospace industry, agriculture/geo technologies, and rail transport services.



includes the oil/gas industry, energy/production industry, and sports/leisure industry.


Special Applications

includes medical/food industry, personal safety, and environmental protection.



The product portfolio of MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS is constantly growing through our own intensive research and development and our strong partnerships with our customers, suppliers, and development centers. Our product engineers are the connecting link between the technical fiber and rubber industries. Our product range encompasses almost every technical application:

coated fabrics and yarns for multiple use in rubber products, geo textiles, fiber based layings, textile reinforcement for personal protection, as well as chopped fibers for several filler applications. We constantly increase our product portfolio by using new, innovative raw materials such as carbon, composites, vectran, wire, bio polymers and glass.

In addition, we are developing hybrids to satisfy the increasing customer-specific requirements and we act as a strong development partner. To continuously measure and improve our performance, we are utilizing our globally implemented certified quality management system. This ensures high quality standards from raw materials to finished products.


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The careful selection and approval of technical fibers from Aramide, Rayon, Nylon, Polyester, PVA, Glass, Vectran and others is a main decision during the development process. The twist construction made out of the fibers with defined characteristics makes the key contribution to achieve the required tensile strength as well as the constant grip of the rubber application for optimized power transmission.
The internal development of adhesive systems used for multi-stage treating of the fibers is part of MEP´s core competence. During the treating process, physical and adhesive characteristics are finalized on our product.


Cord Fabrics

Cord fabrics from MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS are mainly used in tires and air springs as reinforcement material with high tensile strength at low weight. By selecting the specific warp and weft materials, stable fabric constructions are developed. Our adhesion systems are optimally aligned to the rubber matrix of our customers in order to guarantee a strong adhesion between textile and the rubber. As a result, fabrics from MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS contribute to a higher driving comfort, safety, and long service life.


Dimensional Fabrics

Dimensional fabrics for special applications from MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS are high-end engineered products used in various industry segments such as personal safety, sports, leisure, as well as in the automotive industry. The portfolio of our dimensional fabrics can be found in life vests, rescue floats, offshore hose, snow mobiles and many agricultural applications. Our customers define very challenging requirements on these high-end applications. Due to MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS’ longstanding experience with the development, testing, and production of dimensional fabrics we are able to satisfy these high customer expectations. For these high-end applications we are using high quality raw materials such as Aramide and advanced adhesion systems.


Global Presence

MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS is always close by as we are the only independent converter with a global presence. At our six production locations on three continents, we manufacture, sell, and distribute high-quality, field-proven textile reinforcements for various applications.



MEHLER ENGINEERED PRODUCTS is constantly striving to build the best team to service our diverse customer base. We offer highly motivated employees the opportunity to work internationally and in a safe business environment. Please contact us today if you are interested in becoming part of the MEP Team.



Hose Manufacture Conference 2017
Innovative dip formulations for easy processing of single-end cord reinforcements during hose manufacturing